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Expand Your PDF Portfolio Layout Options

by David Mankin By now, many of you have discovered the most amazing new feature of Acrobat 9 Professional – the PDF Portfolio.  The PDF Portfolio is a unique and exciting type of file that allows you to share and distribute ANY type of file – not just PDFs.  These files are wrapped up in a beautiful […]

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A History Lesson You’re Gonna Love – Acrobat’s Organizer!

by David Mankin How much time have you spent looking for a PDF file you worked on a while ago? Like most other applications, Acrobat’s File Menu lists your most recently opened files.  By default, you see the last five documents opened, but that sixth one will require some fishing to locate.  This is an […]

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My Top 10 Acrobat Keyboard Shortcuts…

by David Mankin, Adobe Certified Instructor on Acrobat 9 Here are my top 10 favorite keyboard shortcuts that I have grown to rely on in Acrobat 9 Professional. You may know all of them, some of them, or maybe none at all. Everyone uses their applications differently. I used to be a mega-mouse-clicker. Over the […]

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Adobe Acrobat: Controlling a PDF File’s Initial View

by David R. Mankin Bookmarks are text based links that live in the Bookmarks Panel along the left edge of Acrobat & Reader’s interface. They are very useful in accurately navigating through a long PDF file. Seasoned Acrobat/Reader users know to look for bookmarks right away, but what of the newcomers to Acrobat files? Can […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Create a PDF with Crop Marks

By Barb Binder Updated May 6, 2016 A frequent question I hear from my FrameMaker students is ¨How do you create a PDF from FrameMaker that includes crop marks?” Create a document that is smaller than the paper you will be printing on. For example, create a 7 in x 9 in page, with the […]

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Adobe Acrobat 9: Need a Quick PDF? What a Drag!

by David R. Mankin  You have a file that needs to be converted to PDF format. You’re in a hurry, and the thought of waiting for your document’s native application to load and convert the file to PDF is making you crazy under your rushed deadline. Here’s a very cool trick that is extremely handy. […]

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Adobe Acrobat 9: Adobe Giveth, & Adobe Taketh Away (but not really)

by David R. Mankin   Having been an avid and regular user of Adobe’s Acrobat software for more than a dozen years, there are some tools on which I have grown very reliant.   Want to go to the next page? Click the right hand arrow on the toolbar and you’re there.   Want to go to the […]

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