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Month: January 2011

Adobe InDesign: What’s the Difference Between the Single-Line Composer and the Paragraph Composer?

by Barb Binder Most layout programs and word processors set the line breaks in a paragraph by evaluating a single line of type at a time. As you edit a paragraph, you will notice the text reflowing on the line you are working on, and you will likely notice the text reflowing through the lines below […]

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Adobe Photoshop: Adding a Vignette as a Creative Effect

by Barb Binder In photography, the term “vignette” refers the darkening (or sometimes lightening) the edges of an image, as compared to the image center. Sometimes vignetting is an unintended and/or undesired effect caused by camera settings or lens limitations. Other times, it is added after the fact as a creative effect. In the two images […]

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Acrobat X: Quick Tools… Your Way

by David R. Mankin For those of you who have already embraced Acrobat X, you have already noticed significant interface changes in the upgrade from Acrobat 9 to Acrobat X.  One of the first things you may have noticed is that there is a toolbar just to the right of the Create button, and it contains […]

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Adobe InDesign CS5: Tool Hints (or How to Remember Shortcuts!)

by Barb Binder A lot of my Adobe InDesign CS5 students want to use keyboard shortcuts and tool modifier keys, but feel like they just can’t keep them all straight in their heads. By the time they remember (or look up) the shortcut, they may as well have just used the menu command. In the past, […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Templates

by Barb Binder At least one student in every one of my Adobe FrameMaker classes inquires about templates. And why shouldn’t they? Templates are the single best way to get a jump start on the design of a new document. In FrameMaker, there are two different locations for the templates that come with the software. Start […]

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Adobe Photoshop CS5: What’s that Red (or Blue) Highlighting in the Camera Raw Dialog Box?

by Barb Binder In a recent Photoshop CS5 class, a student encountered unexpected red highlighting on a .jpg image opened through the Camera Raw dialog box. Instead of the image on the top, it looked like the one on the bottom. Clearly Photoshop was trying to tell her something, but what? It turns out that my […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Adding a Drop Cap

by Barb Binder Adding a drop cap in FrameMaker is easy, right? Just activate the Apply Drop Cap checkbox and specify how many lines to drop down? Ha! I wish. Sadly, there is no drop cap feature in FrameMaker, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. You just need to know how to create it […]

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