Live online training

Attend a live, interactive training class in a virtual classroom led by an expert Adobe instructor from the comfort of your home or office. You will be able to view the instructor’s screen and they will be able to view yours. All you need is a stable, high-speed internet connection, the software and a headset with microphone. For more information on how online training works, see Training options.

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On-site custom training

Let us come to you. On-site training is conducted at your office, on a mutually agreed-upon date. Any class that you see listed on the online training calendar can be taught in your office, but the advantage of custom training is that you can mix and match skills and even software programs to create the perfect class for your needs.

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Training classes offered online

Introduction to Adobe InDesign

Learn the core features of InDesign: designing pages, placing text & images.

Next class starts in 2 days

on Monday, April 22nd 202404/22/24

Adobe Captivate 12

Learn how to create incredible software simulations of anything you can do on your computer.

Next class starts in 3 days

on Tuesday, April 23rd 202404/23/24

Introduction to Articulate Storyline

Author eLearning courses, quizzes, interactive content or software simulation with a single product.

Next class starts in 9 days

on Monday, April 29th 202404/29/24

Introduction to Adobe FrameMaker (Unstructured)

Learn the core features of FrameMaker: master pages, paragraph & character styles, tables & more.

Next class starts in 9 days

on Monday, April 29th 202404/29/24

Introduction to Adobe RoboHelp

Learn the core features of RoboHelp: define and create a webhelp project.

Next class starts in 12 days

on Thursday, May 2nd 202405/02/24

Advanced Adobe FrameMaker (Unstructured)

Learn to use anchored frames, cross references, footnotes & conditional text along with books, TOC and indexing.

Next class starts in 23 days

on Monday, May 13th 202405/13/24

Advanced Adobe InDesign

Learn advanced typography, styles, tables, PDFs & preflight, plus optimizing Illust & Ps files for use in InDesign.

Next class starts in 30 days

on Monday, May 20th 202405/20/24

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Learn the core features of Illustrator: creating shapes, basic drawing techiques, transformations, working with color.

Next class starts in 38 days

on Tuesday, May 28th 202405/28/24

Advanced Adobe Illustrator

Use Illustrator to set type, organize with layers, blend shapes & colors, use brushes, create effects and graphic styles.

Next class starts in 58 days

on Monday, June 17th 202406/17/24

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Learn the core features of Photoshop: selections, layers, channels & masks, photo retouching.

Next class starts in 172 days

on Wednesday, October 9th 202410/09/24

Additional Training Options

Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

Learn how to navigate the new Acrobat Pro interface, plus creating & editing PDFs, digital signatures, online mark-up, forms creation, layers, preflight & more.

Using Adobe InCopy

Learn how to use InDesign and InCopy together to enhance collaboration between designers, editors, and writers.

Advanced Adobe Photoshop

Learn more photo correction techniques, setting type, vector drawing, advanced layers & compositing.

One-on-One Online Coaching

Do you just need the answer to a few questions? Instructors are available to help out with your software questions on an hourly basis.