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Month: January 2018

Adobe InDesign: How to Create a Custom Workspace

by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on InDesign Workspaces are an important part of an InDesign workflow. Workspaces are a great way to get organized, and can help streamline your workflow. Start by trying out all of the existing workspaces found under Window > Workspace. Look at both the types of panels shown, but also […]

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Adobe InDesign: I Can’t Edit an Adobe Stock CV Template!

By Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on InDesign Adobe recently began offering free InDesign templates on The idea behind templates is great—someone with InDesign experience and an eye for design creates a template so that a new user can simply open the template, edit the content, save and print. Except in my experience, it […]

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