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My Top 10 Acrobat Keyboard Shortcuts…

by David Mankin, Adobe Certified Instructor on Acrobat 9

Here are my top 10 favorite keyboard shortcuts that I have grown to rely on in Acrobat 9 Professional. You may know all of them, some of them, or maybe none at all. Everyone uses their applications differently. I used to be a mega-mouse-clicker. Over the years, I have grown to use, appreciate & ultimately rely on keyboard shortcuts to help streamline my workflow. So, here they are… my Top Ten Acrobat 9 Professional Keyboard Shortcuts:

Drum roll, please…

10. Ctrl-6 Insert Sticky Note

9. Shift-Ctrl-D Delete Pages

8. Ctrl-R Show/Hide Rulers (yes, Acrobat DOES have rulers!)

7. Ctrl-U Show/Hide Grid (yep – Acrobat has a design grid too!)

6. Alt-Left Arrow Previous View

5. Ctrl-0 (zero) Fit Page

4. Shift-Ctrl-1 Open Organizer

3. Shift-Ctrl-F Search

2. Ctrl-D Document Properties

…and the number 1 keyboard shortcut is…

1. Ctrl-K Preferences

There are many, many more waiting to be discovered and learned. Learn what PDF technology is all about… and how to use Acrobat 9 Professional to create, edit & enhance your PDF files..

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