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Adobe FrameMaker: Defining Bookmarks

by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on FrameMaker Updated on Sep 7, 2016 Bookmarks are navigational links listed in the Bookmarks pane in Adobe Acrobat (and Adobe Reader) that display page content in the Document pane. I use them as an always-visible, clickable table of contents. To that effect, I normally create bookmarks that match my […]

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Adobe Acrobat 9: Grayscale PDF = A Smaller PDF

by David R. Mankin PDF files come in all sorts of color profile flavors: CMYK (cyan-yellow-magenta-black) colors used in the traditional 4-color offset press process RGB (red-green-blue) colors used in video screen rendering Grayscale (varying shades of black-gray-white) Monochrome (line art) It is logical that these file types would “weigh” differently.  Images with millions of colors […]

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Adobe Acrobat 9: berry cool!

by David R. Mankin There’s a commercial on TV for a major cellular phone carrier in which a young businessman gets out of a cab, the cab drives away, and he realizes that his presentation for his meeting is still in the cab.  The sales pitch is for how one can reliably have a document sent […]

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Adobe Acrobat 9: PDF Portfolio Exchange

by David R. Mankin When Adobe released Acrobat 9, I couldn’t stop toying with the amazing PDF Portfolio feature. In the initial release (Acrobat 9.0), there was a small set of pre-designed layout choices from which to choose. It was easy to customize the layout colors, so you could at least make your Portfolio look different […]

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Adobe Acrobat 9: Expand Your PDF Portfolio Layout Options

by David R. Mankin By now, many of you have discovered the most amazing new feature of Acrobat 9 Professional – the PDF Portfolio.  The PDF Portfolio is a unique and exciting type of file that allows you to share and distribute ANY type of file – not just PDFs.  These files are wrapped up in a […]

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Adobe Acrobat: Did you Know has Shared Workspaces?

by David R. Mankin We all used to share documents by shooting them back and forth via email.  Many people still do.  Not me – not anymore.  I signed up for my free account right after Adobe made the amazing service available.  I’ve written about it several times.  From a browser on any computer in […]

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Adobe Acrobat: Proofing a Large Doc on a Small-Format Printer

by David R. Mankin You want a big sign!  Nothing permanent, but you’d like to make a quick, VERY large printout.  Your printer, however, can’t accommodate paper larger than legal size.  Let me show you how to print a “normal-sized” document to larger proportions… using Acrobat! The print dialog box in Acrobat is one of the […]

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Adobe Acrobat: Search is King!

By David Mankin Find You have a PDF file, and you need to locate a word or phrase in it.  How convenient – there’s a Find tool right there on your toolbar: You type in your search term and press enter.  Instantly, you are brought to that phrase in your PDF.  But it wasn’t the passage you needed.  […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Which PDF Job Option Is Right For You?

By Barb Binder Let’s say you have finished up a publication in Adobe FrameMaker and are ready to deliver the finished product. It seems like a straight-forward process: you choose Save as PDF from the File menu and give the file a name. You click the Save button, thinking, “That was easy.” when suddenly you are […]

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Acrobat 9: Crop Anyone?

by David Mankin It’s a good bet that you’ve used a crop tool in a variety of software applications for many years. The crop tools have typically looked the same, regardless of the program. You’ve probably come to expect that the cropping process is a rectangular trimming of an area. Fair enough… unless you’re working […]

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