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Month: April 2010

Adobe FrameMaker: Did you know that…

by Barb Binder Adobe FrameMaker: Did you know that… You can follow any hyperlink in FrameMaker by pressing Control+Alt as you click on the link? You can do this with manual hyperlinks (i.e., a link to a web page) or automatic hyperlinks (i.e., a cross-reference, or an index page number). You can hide and show all […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Multiple References to One Table Footnote

by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on FrameMaker Updated Jul 14, 2017 Footnotes in FrameMaker are pretty straightforward. Place your cursor where you’d like the footnote reference to appear, and choose Special menu > Footnote. If your cursor was in the body of the footnote, the note will appear at the bottom of the page. If […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Endnotes

by Barb Binder Now that you are successfully working with Footnotes (if not, take a look at Adobe FrameMaker: Formatting Footnotes), what about Endnotes? Advanced users may be thinking, “What is she talking about? FrameMaker doesn’t offer an Endnotes command, does it?” No, but… you can have endnotes, if you are willing to work a little […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Formatting Footnotes

by Barb Binder When you write in Adobe FrameMaker and need to add the occasional reference, it seems straightforward enough. Just choose Special > Footnote and there you go. A footnote number immediately appears at the cursor position and the footnote itself appears at the bottom of the page. Better yet, if your Word document has […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Creating Custom Master Pages

by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on FrameMaker [Author’s Note: to watch a video on using custom bullets in Adobe FrameMaker 11, check out FrameMaker for Word: Master Pages on Adobe TV] New FrameMaker documents have default Master Pages. Single-sided documents have one, called “Right”, and double side-documents have two, called “Left” and “Right”. We use these pages […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Automatically Assigning Custom Master Pages

by Barb Binder Note: If you are new to custom master pages, you will want to review Adobe FrameMaker: Creating Custom Master Pages before continuing. Custom master pages are used in our FrameMaker documents to suppress page numbers on the opening page of a chapter or anytime we need a layout that differs from those of […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: List of Markers

by Barb Binder One of my regular layout jobs has contributing authors who use a variety of accented characters in their writing. The chapter titles are set in all caps, and don’t need the accents, but the table of contents is set in upper & lower case, and does. How do I reconcile that issue? I […]

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Adobe Photoshop: Resetting Defaults (on the Options Bar and Beyond)

by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on Photoshop Updated Jul 6, 2017 Photoshop uses a “sticky state” for the Options Bar. This is good if you have favorite settings that you use all the time, and bad if you randomly pick options and then forget about them. As a longtime Photoshop ACI (Adobe Certified Instructor), I learned […]

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