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Month: April 2011

Adobe FrameMaker 10: Drag and Drop

by Barb Binder I was walking to my gate recently, and overheard an elderly woman complaining to a younger woman as they passed me in the airport. All I heard her say was, “Why do they give us so many ways of doing the same thing?” Who knows what she was talking about, but it made […]

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Adobe InDesign: Should You Link or Embed Your Images?

by Barb Binder This is a controversial question in my Advanced InDesign class. By the time my students get to the advanced classes, they usually have a fair amount of production experience under their belts. And frequently they’ve been confronted by missing links and have no idea why. They figure out how to embed their images, […]

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Adobe InDesign: Display Performance Controls—They’re Everywhere!

by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on InDesign Updated on Oct 12, 2023 OK, that might be a slight exaggeration. But if you look through InDesign, you will find the controls in multiple locations. Do we really need the Display Performance controls in Preferences, the Object menu and the View menu? Turns out we do. But […]

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Adobe FrameMaker 10: Repeat the Last Operation

by Barb Binder Here’s another simple, yet powerful feature that is new in FrameMaker 10. If you pull down the Edit menu and start reading from the top, you’ll find Undo, Redo, History and then new Repeat command. Its job is simply to repeat your last activity. This includes: Typing text Pasting Deleting Applying a character […]

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Adobe InDesign: Drop a Photo into a Paragraph

by Barb Binder We’ve come along way from the limited inline graphic controls of the PageMaker/early InDesign days. With the advent of anchored objects in InDesign, our positioning controls of images that need to travel with the text they modify have greatly increased. But so has the complication factor. If any of you immediately understood every […]

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Adobe FrameMaker 10: Why Should I Care About the New Background Color?

by Barb Binder Throughout my entire FrameMaker training career, I’ve only been asked once how to electronically highlight text in FrameMaker. (That FrameMaker couldn’t do it at that time proved to be a deal breaker, and that client decided to switch to InDesign.) Because of this one incident, I was keenly aware when Adobe added background […]

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Adobe InDesign: Adding Arrowheads to Strokes

by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on InDesign I was teaching InDesign yesterday to two delightful women in Denver. We were wrapping up our day-long session when one of them asked me about creating arrowheads on the ends of their lines (aka “strokes”). Initially, I drew a blank. One of the interesting side effects of teaching […]

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