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Expand Your PDF Portfolio Layout Options

by David Mankin

By now, many of you have discovered the most amazing new feature of Acrobat 9 Professional – the PDF Portfolio.  The PDF Portfolio is a unique and exciting type of file that allows you to share and distribute ANY type of file – not just PDFs.  These files are wrapped up in a beautiful and functional PDF wrapper, which is bathed in Flash!  No need to shy away, however.  No Flash knowledge is required.  Acrobat 9 does all the fancy work for you.  In Acrobat 8, we were pretty excited about PDF Packages, but version 8 automatically converted your files to PDF format in the “wrapping” process.   Click here to see a demo video of the PDF Portfolio creation process.


Did you catch the part where I got to choose from those four pre-set Layout options?  Those four dazzled me when I first installed Acrobat 9 and began making PDF Portfolios.  Before long, though, I found myself wanting more choices & functionality.  Fortunately, Adobe came to the rescue with new and FREE PDF Portfolio Layouts.  If you would like to add to your PDF Portfolio Layout choices, visit and download the appropriate file for your operating system.

Adobe actually has you download a PDF Portfolio!  Included are folders for the various languages in the release, and specific directions on how to install the new layout options.

Once installed, you’ll be able to explore and utilize your original 4 layouts, plus the new enhanced ones.  There’s nothing ordinary about any PDF Protfolio, but yours can now be truly extraordinary.

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