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Adobe Acrobat: Did you Know has Shared Workspaces?

by David R. Mankin

We all used to share documents by shooting them back and forth via email.  Many people still do.  Not me – not anymore.  I signed up for my free account right after Adobe made the amazing service available.  I’ve written about it several times.  From a browser on any computer in any office, train station or coffee shop, I can log in and access my online-hosted documents, as well as any files that a friend or colleague has specifically shared with me.  I can create a spreadsheet, presentation or word processing document from scratch as well.  Nice.

Recently, Adobe has again upped the ante with its service, and has integrated a new feature called Shared Workspaces.  Instead of sharing individual files with others, you can now set up an online workspace into which you upload or copy files.  Instead of sharing these files one at a time, you can now share the entire workspace at once.  The free service allows for one shared workspace (into which you can create your own folders), but’s pay service enables multiple workspaces.  Mighty tempting!

Adobe Acrobat: Shared Workspaces on

Your colleagues can log in from anywhere and access the contents of the workspace.  Working on a project with Bill from the San Francisco office?  No problem.  Share away.  Want to know if Bill has logged in to access the project’s files?  All that information is there for you to see.  Any participant can upload and download files to utilize.  If they make edits, they may upload the revised doc, but not to worry – they’ll receive a rename/overwrite option before they can replace the online version with their edits.

Adobe Acrobat: Shared Workspaces on

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