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Adobe FrameMaker: Smart Running Heads

by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on FrameMaker Updated: May 22, 2020 One of the FrameMaker features I rely on heavily for my technical documents is the use of “live” headers and footers. Once I get them set up, they will automatically pull text off of my page into the running heads (AKA headers and footers) […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Copy Special

by Barb Binder Like most modern computer users, I’m a big fan of copy & paste. I bet you are too, but have you ever wondered about FrameMaker’s Copy Special? What’s it all about, Alphie? Basically, Copy Special extends the copying option to formatting, condition tags and even table column widths. Of course, once these items […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Gravity

by Barb Binder Gravity is one of the least understood commands in the Graphics menu. This is partially because none of us do a lot of drawing in Frame, but also because it doesn’t work as expected. It sits above the more commonly-used Snap command-which allows you to snap objects to grid settings defined in View > […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Using Text Insets

by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on FrameMaker Updated: May 31. 2018 Text Insets are great when you need to publish the same copy in several locations. Perhaps it is your mission statement, or a description of your company. Rather than rely on a Copy & Paste technique, which necessitates editing multiple documents when the need […]

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Adobe FrameMaker 9: That Flippin’ Toolbox

by Barb Binder Most of us don’t do a lot of drawing in FrameMaker these days, but sometimes we just need to add a quick line or rectangular element to the page. The toolbox gives you access to these drawing tools, along with various formatting commands. To access the toolbox, just choose Graphics > Tools. It will […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Did you know that…

by Barb Binder Adobe FrameMaker: Did you know that… You can follow any hyperlink in FrameMaker by pressing Control+Alt as you click on the link? You can do this with manual hyperlinks (i.e., a link to a web page) or automatic hyperlinks (i.e., a cross-reference, or an index page number). You can hide and show all […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Multiple References to One Table Footnote

by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on FrameMaker Updated Dec 19, 2017 Footnotes in FrameMaker are pretty straightforward. Place your cursor where you’d like the footnote reference to appear, and choose Special menu > Footnote. If your cursor was in the body of the footnote, the note will appear at the bottom of the page. If […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Endnotes

by Barb Binder Now that you are successfully working with Footnotes (if not, take a look at Adobe FrameMaker: Formatting Footnotes), what about Endnotes? Advanced users may be thinking, “What is she talking about? FrameMaker doesn’t offer an Endnotes command, does it?” No, but… you can have endnotes, if you are willing to work a little […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Formatting Footnotes

by Barb Binder When you write in Adobe FrameMaker and need to add the occasional reference, it seems straightforward enough. Just choose Special > Footnote and there you go. A footnote number immediately appears at the cursor position and the footnote itself appears at the bottom of the page. Better yet, if your Word document has […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Creating Custom Master Pages

by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on FrameMaker Updated: May 22, 2020 New FrameMaker documents have default master pages. Single-sided documents have one, called “Right”, and double side-documents have two, called “Left” and “Right”. We use these pages to place the objects we want to repeat on all the Body Pages, like our running heads, page […]

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