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Adobe FrameMaker: Setting Tabs, Part II

by Barb Binder In Adobe FrameMaker, Setting Tabs, Part I, we talked about setting tab stops. To review the key points: 1.) press the tab key once between columns, 2.) add one tab stop per tab on each line of the table, and 3.) click under the ruler to add the tab stop. In this column, […]

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Adobe FrameMaker 9: The Application Bar

by Barb Binder FrameMaker had the same look and feel for a hundred years, or at least it seemed that way to me. As I made the transition to FrameMaker 9, most of my attention was focused on the new interface. Initially, I just thought it was weird. I mean, it’s the same old FrameMaker, with […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Adding Accented Characters (Diacritics)

By Barb Binder According to Wikipedia, a diacritic (also called a diacritical mark, point, or sign), is a small sign added to a letter to alter pronunciation or distinguish between similar words. To put it simply, I’m talking about inserting the accents over the letters found in so many foreign languages. (i.e., café or crêpe ). For […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Which PDF Job Option Is Right For You?

By Barb Binder Let’s say you have finished up a publication in Adobe FrameMaker and are ready to deliver the finished product. It seems like a straight-forward process: you choose Save as PDF from the File menu and give the file a name. You click the Save button, thinking, “That was easy.” when suddenly you are […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Aligning Punctuation in Numbered Lists

By Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on FrameMaker When I teach Numbering Properties to new FrameMaker users, about half of them ask me how to line up the punctuation on a numbered list. The picture on the left shows what I am supposed to teach them, the picture on the right show what they actually want. […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Aligning Text Across Columns, Part II of II

By Barb Binder In Adobe Framemaker: Aligning Text across Columns, Part I of II, we looked at two of the three text alignment options: column balance and feathering. The final option is baseline alignment. It’s a great concept, but doesn’t make much sense if you don’t understand the word “baseline”. If you aren’t sure, take a […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Aligning Text Across Columns, Part I of II

By Barb Binder Students come to my page layout classes (FrameMaker & InDesign) and often ask how they can easily line up baselines across columns, and easily force the last lines of every column to line up with the bottom margin. The word easily is often a clue to their pain: it always means they […]

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Measuring Type with Picas & Points

By Barb Binder Math was never my strong suit. My father, an economist with infinite patience, tried very hard to help me work though my high school math homework. My biggest problem was that I was convinced that math was not needed for wherever I was heading. Of course, like most teens who think they know […]

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Basic Typography Terms

By Barb Binder Many of my InDesign and FrameMaker students come to class with strong computer skills, but lack basic knowledge about setting type. I frequently direct them either to a bookstore (recommending The Non-Designer’s Type Book and The Non-Designer’s Design Book, both from Robin Williams) or to a local college for classes on typography […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: When Chapter Titles are Too Long for a Running Head

By Barb Binder In my ideal world, authors would always write short, concise headings. In real life, some heads are so long they look like bold, multi-line paragraphs. When I need to pull lengthy chapter titles and section heads into a running head, the trouble begins. My solution? A Header/Footer Marker. There are two of […]

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