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Adobe FrameMaker: Did you know that…

by Barb Binder

Adobe FrameMaker: Did you know that…

  1. You can follow any hyperlink in FrameMaker by pressing Control+Alt as you click on the link? You can do this with manual hyperlinks (i.e., a link to a web page) or automatic hyperlinks (i.e., a cross-reference, or an index page number).
  2. You can hide and show all imported graphics in an image by simply unchecking/checking Graphics under View > Options?
  3. You can quickly create a new single-sided portrait document by pressing Control+N, Alt+P?
  4. You can insert a user-variable by tapping Control+0 (zero, not the letter O) and typing the first letter(s) of the desired variable?
  5. You can select two consecutive paragraphs with different paragraph formats and change both of them at the same time? (When you pick Update All, the Global Updates dialog box opens when you have two or more paragraphs selected.)
  6. You can unlock an accidently-locked document with Esc F l k? (Shortcuts are case sensitive so you need a capital F and lower case l k.)
  7. You can shrinkwrap an anchored frame and position it at the insertion point by pressing Esc m p?
  8. You can add a tab within a table cell by pressing Esc Tab?
  9. You can get an inch mark with smart quotes on by pressing Esc Shift ‘ ?
  10. You can pose questions on the FrameMaker Community: FrameMaker forum and FrameMaker experts from around the world will rush to answer them (because they earn Adobe “community points” for each question satisfactorily answered)?

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