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Adobe Illustrator: Clipping Masks

by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on Illustrator I’d wager that many of you will learn all you need to know about masking (aka cropping) in Illustrator in these two past Rocky Mountain Training posts: Adobe Illustrator: How to Crop your Final Artwork Adobe Illustrator: How to Crop a Photograph But, there are a few more variations […]

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Adobe Photoshop: Reversing a Vector Mask

by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on Adobe Photoshop CS6 Such a simple request, but not one of Photoshop’s most “discoverable” features. As a regular user of (raster) layer masks, I know that I can select a layer mask and choose Image > Adjustments > Invert (Cmd+I)  to invert the display to quickly change a mask […]

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Adobe Photoshop: Combining Two Photos for a Perfect Image

By Barb Binder Updated Apr 17, 2016 Have you ever taken a rapid series of group shots, but can’t find a single image where every single person is looking at the camera, eyes open and smiling? If you are looking for a quick way to combine two mediocre images into one good image, try the Auto-Align […]

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