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Adobe Photoshop: Easter Eggs

By Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on Photoshop

Life’s short, so it should be fun. That’s my motto, anyway. And I guess the software engineers at Adobe feel the same way. Here are a couple of silly little easter eggs to play with:

In Preferences > Interface, don’t just click on a color theme, Cmd+Opt+Shift (Win: Ctrl+Alt+Shift) click the 2nd icon for coffee and 4th icon for toast as you pick your favorite color theme. (PS, this works on CS6 and later.)

Adobe Photoshop: Easter EggsAdobe Photoshop: Easter Eggs

Are the new hidden tool options driving you bananas? Make it official. Edit the tool display with the 3-Dot button on the toolbar (available in CC 2015 and later). After you set your tool display, don’t just click Done, hold Cmd+Opt+Shift (Win: Ctrl+Alt+Shift) as you click on Done for a banana icon in the Toolbar. (Click the banana to restore the three dots.)

Adobe Photoshop: Easter Eggs Adobe Photoshop: Easter Eggs

If you got this far only to realize you have no idea why there is a 3-Dot button, see Adobe Photoshop: I Can’t Find a Tool!

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