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Adobe FrameMaker: Why are my Row Heights Uneven?

by Barb Binder

Frequently, when I import tables into FrameMaker from Microsoft Word, I get varying row heights. As a FrameMaker default, row height is controlled by content, so my first step is usually to show the text symbols (View > Text Symbols) and expose all extra hard and soft returns that may have come in with the source file. If removing them doesn’t fix it, then I’m pretty sure FrameMaker is pulling in row height overrides from the source file.

To remove the overrrides, follow these steps.

  1. Drag to select a few cells within the table
  2. Edit > Select All of Table (Ctrl+A)
  3. Table > Row Format and set the minimum height limit to 0.
    Adobe FrameMaker: Set the minimum row height to zero
  4. Click Set.
  5. Repeat for the other tables.

Note: When the Height Limit Minimum shows a blank text box, this indicates mixed settings within the table. Typing a zero will allow the heights to be standardized, and controlled by the content and the Table Designer settings. Also, if after all this, you still have uneven row heights, it is possible that your various paragraph tags have spacing values assigned. Check them in Paragraph Designer > Table Cell properties.

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2 thoughts on “Adobe FrameMaker: Why are my Row Heights Uneven?

  1. How can you make a table head repeat when the table splits onto the next page? I have not found out how to do this yet?