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Adobe FrameMaker: Turning off Hyphenation

by Barb Binder

What do religion, politics and hyphenation have in common? These are emotional subjects for most of my students, and I try to keep discussion on all three of them out of the classroom. If you are thinking that hyphenation couldn’t possibly fall into that category, then you probably haven’t spent much time teaching word processing or layout applications.

As a teacher, I ask questions to engage my students in the learning process, and the first few times I asked them how they handle hyphenation, I was dumbfounded by their responses. Otherwise well-mannered students were suddenly confrontational with others who did not share their views. Who knew? These days, I simply state how to turn hyphenation on and off for different paragraphs and move right along.

Let’s say you want to turn off hyphenation for Heading1s in FrameMaker. Here’s how:

  1. Place your cursor in a Heading1 paragraph.
  2. Format > Paragraph > Designer (Ctrl M)
  3. Navigate to Advanced Properties (use the tabs in FrameMaker 8 and earlier, and button # 5 in FrameMaker 9)
    Adobe FrameMaker 9: Control Hyphenation in Advanced Properties
  4. Click twice on the Hyphenate check box. (Why two clicks? Remember that FrameMaker check boxes offer three states: on (checked), off (unchecked) and As Is (solid box). If you click once, you will set the check box to As Is and you will leave it…as [it] is.)
  5. Update All.

Phew. Glad that’s over. If you have additional questions about how to control hyphenation, just ask. If you want to discuss when and where to hyphenate, I’m busy!

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