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Adobe FrameMaker 10: The Brand New Table Catalog!

by Barb Binder

I’d file this one under “R” for “Really? This made the new feature list in FrameMaker 10?”

As a long-time Adobe Certified Instructor on multiple Adobe programs, I’m well aware that Adobe often slips in new features that they don’t get around to documenting. This one is the quite the opposite. Listed under the Usability Enhancements in the What’s New list for FrameMaker 10 is the arrival of the Table Catalog.

As a refresher, we have (and have always had) three designers: the Paragraph Designer for designing paragraphs, the Character Designer for designing character strings within a paragraph, and the Table Designer for designing the table formatting. In the past (as in FrameMaker 9 and earlier), we’ve only had two Catalogs listing the available formats: one for assigning paragraph formats and the other for assigning character formats. There was no corresponding Table Catalog.

To assign a table format, we had to click in the table, pick our format from the list at the top of the Table Designer, and click Apply. Easy enough.

In FrameMaker 10, you have one more option. Choose Table > Format > Catalog to open the Table Catalog.  Now you can click in your table, and click on your format. One click! Woohoo!

Lest you think I’m being sarcastic here, let me assure you that I do think the symmetry is nice. Especially for my new FrameMaker users. All I’m saying is that I’m surprised it made the list.

Adobe FrameMaker 10: Use Table > Format > Catalog to display the Table Catalog, and use a single click to assign a table format.

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