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Adobe FrameMaker 10: FrameMaker Alert Boxes

by Barb Binder

FrameMaker has a long history of alerting us to various problems in our documents. We have alert boxes that pop up when we:

  • Open a document with unavailable fonts,
    Adobe FrameMaker 10: The unavailable fonts alert box.
  • Open a document that was saved using an earlier version of FrameMaker,
    Adobe FrameMaker 10: The converting document to the current version alert box.
  • Open a document that contains one or more unresolved cross-references, or
    Adobe FrameMaker 10: The unresolved cross-references alert box.
  • We perform an activity that will clear the history, effectively removing access to Edit > Undo and Edit > Redo (i.e., changing the margins or columns).
    Adobe FrameMaker 10: The clearing history alert box.

New in FrameMaker 10 is the addition of a checkbox in all four alert boxes to turn them off forever. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Who wants to continually be reminded of something we already know? Well, I think that’s the key. I will gladly disable the Clear History message and not look back, because I know which actions clear history. I’m also unconcerned about the alert for converting an older file to the current version of FrameMaker. (Once I upgrade to a new version, I usually don’t go back.)

The other two, though? I’d leave them on. There’s no way I want to get to the printing stage and then suddenly realize that I have unavailable fonts and/or unresolved cross-references. Sure I can fix them both, but I might miss my deadline doing it.

What? You already turned them all off? No worries. Just choose File > Preferences > Alert Strings and you can restore any of the alert boxes to their original states.
Adobe FrameMaker 10: The Alert Strings Preferences dialog box.


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