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Adobe FrameMaker: Adding tabs to a table of contents

by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on FrameMaker Updated: Oct 29, 2023 “Discoverable”. That’s a new Adobe buzzword for features that users can discover on their own. I’d say that adding a tab character between the entries and page numbers in a table of contents does not fall into that category. One of my most […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Setting Tabs, Part III

by Barb Binder If you’ve worked your way through the posts on Setting Tabs, Part I and Setting Tabs, Part II, you’ve learned how to set tab stops and how to modify them. Let’s finish up by learning how to work with dot leaders. Dot Leaders in a Table of Contents The typical table of contents […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Setting Tabs, Part I

by Barb Binder Why are people afraid of setting tabs? Since 1988, I’ve taught Word, PageMaker, Ventura Publisher, InDesign and FrameMaker classes, and most of my students walk in the door afraid of tabs. It’s one of life’s mysteries, and so I always try to set aside some time to address it in class. Here’s your […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Setting Tabs, Part II

by Barb Binder In Adobe FrameMaker, Setting Tabs, Part I, we talked about setting tab stops. To review the key points: 1.) press the tab key once between columns, 2.) add one tab stop per tab on each line of the table, and 3.) click under the ruler to add the tab stop. In this column, […]

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Adobe FrameMaker: Aligning Punctuation in Numbered Lists

By Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on FrameMaker When I teach Numbering Properties to new FrameMaker users, about half of them ask me how to line up the punctuation on a numbered list. The picture on the left shows what I am supposed to teach them, the picture on the right show what they actually want. […]

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Adobe InDesign: Removing Unwanted Spaces, Fast!

By Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on InDesign Updated April 22, 2016 Too many extra spaces in your InDesign documents? No problem. You can quickly and (painlessly) remove extra spaces by running one or more Find/Change queries. The three I am going to show you are using GREP, which uses patterns instead of actual character strings to […]

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