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Adobe FrameMaker: Adding Bleeds and Trim Lines

by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on FrameMaker A question came up today about how to set up a graphic that bleeds off the side of page in FrameMaker. It’s not intuitive, but it can be done. In the image below, I added a banner to the left side of the page. The paper size is 6″ x […]

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Adobe FrameMaker 10: Adding Object Attributes to Images

by Barb Binder These days, all of our PDF documents really should be 508 compliant. This includes adding text descriptions to images so that someone using a screen reader to accommodate a visual disability can hear a description of what an image contains. These descriptions can be added in Acrobat (Standard or Professional) via View > […]

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Adobe FrameMaker 10: Repeat the Last Operation

by Barb Binder Here’s another simple, yet powerful feature that is new in FrameMaker 10. If you pull down the Edit menu and start reading from the top, you’ll find Undo, Redo, History and then new Repeat command. Its job is simply to repeat your last activity. This includes: Typing text Pasting Deleting Applying a character […]

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