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Adobe InDesign: Automatically Restart Numbered Lists

by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on InDesign Updated: Mar 15, 2021 I saw a question on the InDesign forum recently on restarting numbered lists. The most common technique to get a second or subsequent list to start over at 1 is to either: Right click > Restart Numbering over the first entry of each and […]

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Adobe InDesign: Need Fractions?

by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on Adobe InDesign Updated: Aug 06, 2023. Works on InDesign CS4 and all later versions Typesetting fractions is no fun, or at least it didn’t used to be. The introduction of OpenType fonts and the Glyphs panel were a great help, allowing point and click access to additional commonly […]

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