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Adobe Acrobat: Controlling a PDF File’s Initial View

by David R. Mankin Bookmarks are text based links that live in the Bookmarks Panel along the left edge of Acrobat & Reader’s interface. They are very useful in accurately navigating through a long PDF file. Seasoned Acrobat/Reader users know to look for bookmarks right away, but what of the newcomers to Acrobat files? Can […]

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Adobe Acrobat 9: Need a Quick PDF? What a Drag!

by David R. Mankin  You have a file that needs to be converted to PDF format. You’re in a hurry, and the thought of waiting for your document’s native application to load and convert the file to PDF is making you crazy under your rushed deadline. Here’s a very cool trick that is extremely handy. […]

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Adobe Acrobat 9: Adobe Giveth, & Adobe Taketh Away (but not really)

by David R. Mankin   Having been an avid and regular user of Adobe’s Acrobat software for more than a dozen years, there are some tools on which I have grown very reliant.   Want to go to the next page? Click the right hand arrow on the toolbar and you’re there.   Want to go to the […]

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