Advanced Adobe Premiere Pro

Edit visually stunning videos and create professional productions

Adobe Premiere Pro, the essential video editing application for professionals and video enthusiasts, is an incredible scalable, efficient, and flexible video editing system. It supports a broad range of video, audio, and image formats. Premiere Pro let you work faster and more creatively without converting your media. The complete set of powerful and exact exclusive tools let you overcome any editorial, production, and workflow challenges to deliver your high-quality the high-quality work for your demand.


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Online Class Times:

10 am to 5 pm Eastern


Course Description

In this advanced Adobe Premiere Pro training course, you’ll learn the skills and techniques required to take your creative work to its fullest potential for producing broadcast-quality movies used for video, multimedia, and the Web.


Students attending this training class should have completed our Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro class, or have equivalent experience. If you are not sure, please reach out to us at 303-319-9817 or email and we will help you find the right class.

Class Topics

Advanced Editing in Premiere Pro

Using the Trim View • Slip, Slide and Rolling Edit Tools • Match frames • Nested timelines (Sequences)

Masking Techniques in Premiere Pro

Using keys • Using matte keys • Garbage mattes • Color mattes • Track mattes • Advanced transitions • Advanced Audio editing in Premiere

Integrating Photoshop with Premiere Pro

Animating • Importing layers as a sequence • Alpha channels • Updating Photoshop files

Integrating After Effects with Premiere Pro

Working with Premiere projects in After Effects • Non-destructive integration

Integrating Audition with Premiere Pro

Overview of editing audio from a Premiere Pro Project file using Audition

Color Correction in Premiere Pro

Creating a new reference monitor window • Gang to reference monitor feature • Working with color scopes • 3 Point Color Correction • Color Match

DVD export in Premiere Pro

Using sequence markers • Adding chapter information • Encoding using Adobe Media Encoder

Update on new Features in Premiere Pro

Interface improvements • Changes to the workspace

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