Advanced Adobe Photoshop

Discover new dimensions in digital imaging

Adobe® Photoshop® delivers imaging magic that helps you bring your creative vision to life. Create compelling images with exceptional precision with the world’s best imaging software. Design anything you can imagine—at amazing speed.

Currently offered only as a custom class. Please contact us for information on setting up a class for your group.

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Course description

As with all of our classes, our Adobe Photoshop training classes are hands-on and project-driven. In this 2-day advanced class, the projects include creating magazine cover, a sign for a coffee shop, a poster for a monster movie and color corrections via Camera Raw. For more details on the specific features covered, see the list under Class Topics.

Because students will work along with the instructor to complete a series of projects, we recommend using two displays in our online classes (this could be two monitors, two computers or a computer and a tablet), so that the student can keep one eye on the instructor’s screen as they work.

An eBook copy of the workbook and the data files will be sent to you prior to the start of the class.

Who should attend an Advanced Adobe Photoshop training class?

This class is designed for someone who has either completed the Introduction to Adobe Photoshop training class, or has been using Photoshop long enough to feel comfortable with selections, layers, basic compositing (combining images) and the basic retouching workflow.

This class is geared more to designers than to traditional photographers, and the focus is to locate and plug in the gaps in your knowledge while streamlining your workflow using the more advanced features of Photoshop. Cleaning up images and incorporating them into your web and print publishing programs can be time consuming—this class will help you get your images ready to in a timely manner and still have your nights and weekends for yourself. As with all of our advanced classes, we welcome questions, so feel free to bring a list to class and your instructor will try to work in as many into the class as possible.


Students attending this training class should have completed our beginning Photoshop class, or have equivalent experience. If you are not sure, please reach out to us at 303-319-9817 or email and we will help you find the right class.

Class Topics

Masks and channels

Learn how to harness the power of the Channels panel with permanent masks, quick masks and creating a selection from a channel. Learn how to use Puppet Warp effectively, and how to create a manual drop shadow.

Typographic design

Learn to use Photoshop’s powerful type tools, including Typekit, glyphs, point and paragraph type, type on a path, clipping masks, and advanced formatting controls.

Vector drawing techniques

Unlike bitmap images, vector shapes retain their crisp edges when you enlarge them. In this lesson, you will learn how to use the Pen tool, the shape tools, paths, shape layers and Smart Objects from Illustrator.

Advanced compositing

Learn how to apply and edit Smart Filters, the Liquefy filter, various color effects and upscaling a low-res image as you put together a movie poster using a montage of images.

Working with Camera Raw

Raw images give greater flexibility to color and tonal range corrections. In this lesson, learn how to use both the Camera Raw dialog box as well as the Camera Raw filter to adjust colors and tones, sharpen an image and synchronize the results to multiple images.

Exploring neural filters

Neural filters are advanced filters trained using machine learning. You can explore ideas that would be more labor-intensive—or sometimes impossible—with conventional digital photo filters and effects.

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