Advanced Adobe Illustrator

Explore new paths with the essential vector tool

Adobe® Illustrator® is the industry’s premier vector-drawing environment for designing across media. Express your vision with shapes, color, effects, and typography—driven by the new Mercury Performance System so you can make fast work of your most complex creations.


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Online Class Times:

10 am to 5 pm Eastern


Course Description

As with all of our classes, our Adobe Illustrator classes are hands-on and project-driven. In this 2-day advanced class, the projects include creating several posters, a flyer, some illustrations and a couple of t-shirts. For more details on the specific features covered, see the list under Class Topics.

Because students will work along with the instructor to complete a series of projects, we recommend using two displays in our online classes (this could be two monitors, two computers or a computer and a tablet), so that the student can keep one eye on the instructor’s screen as they work.

An eBook copy of the workbook and the data files will be sent to you prior to the start of the class.

Who Should Attend the Advanced Adobe Illustrator class?

This class is designed for someone who has either completed the Introduction to Adobe Illustrator class, or has been using Illustrator long enough to feel comfortable designing basic documents. The focus of this class is to locate and fill in the gaps in your knowledge while streamlining your workflow using the more advanced features of Illustrator. Layout is a deadline-driven business, and this class will help you get your documents to the printer in a timely manner and still have your nights and weekends for yourself. As with all of our advanced classes, we welcome all of your questions, so feel free to bring a list to class and your instructor will try to work in as many into the class as possible.


Students attending this training class should have completed our beginning Illustrator class, or have equivalent experience. If you are not sure, please reach out to us at 303-319-9817 or email and we will help you find the right class.

Class Topics

Using Color to Enhance Artwork

Discover how to create and paint fills and strokes, use the Color Guide panel for inspiration, work with color groups, recolor artwork and more.

Adding Type to a Project

Discover how to create basic text and interesting text effects using point type and area type, Touch Type, styles, text wrap, warp and type on a path.

Organizing your Artwork with Layers

Work with the Layers panel to create, rearrange, lock, merge layers and sublayers; move objects between layers, & make clipping masks.

Gradients, Blends and Patterns

Explore gradient fills and strokes (including Freeform gradients), stepped and smooth color blends, and painting with patterns.

Using Brushes to Create an Ad

Illustrator brushes allow you to create myriad effects. Learn to use the Blob brush and the Art, Calligraphic, Pattern, and Bristle brushes, and how to create your own brushes.

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