Adobe Captivate Classic Training 101

Go beyond presentations to author interactive eLearning content without programming

Adobe® Captivate® software is the industry-leading solution for rapidly authoring and maintaining highly interactive eLearning content that can be delivered on any device.


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Online Class Times:

1 pm to 4 pm Eastern


Course description

As with all of our classes, our Adobe Captivate training classes are hands-on and project-driven. This 3-hour beginner class is taught Adobe Captivate Classic. Students will begin with a tour of the Captivate interface, work with existing projects, create new projects, apply themes, add slides, content, and media. Learn Captivate via step-by-step training from an experienced eLearning developer, Captivate expert, and certified online training professional (COTP).

IMPORTANT: This course covers Adobe Captivate 11, currently called Adobe Captivate Classic and previously branded as Adobe Captivate 2019. This course does not cover the re-imagined version of Adobe Captivate released in June 2023. If you are using the new Adobe Captivate, also known as Adobe Captivate 2023 or Adobe Captivate 12, we have a version-specific class for you: Adobe Captivate 12.

During this live, online, instructor-led virtual training session (vILT) you will build a soft skills eLearning project from scratch. This is a 3-hour, project-based course that will serve as a great jump start on using Adobe Captivate like a professional.

Because students will work along with the instructor to complete a series of projects, we recommend using two displays in our online classes (this could be two monitors, two computers or a computer and a tablet), so that the student can keep one eye on the instructor’s screen as they work.

An eBook copy of the workbook and the data files will be sent to you prior to the start of the class.

Who should attend the Introduction to Adobe Captivate training class?

This class is designed for someone who is comfortable using their computer but is new (or fairly new) to Adobe Captivate. It’s also appropriate for those who have been using Adobe Captivate to edit existing projects, but don’t feel comfortable designing new pieces from scratch. If you want to get started learning how to create incredible software simulations of anything you can do on your computer, this class is for you!


Students attending this training class should already have a solid understanding of their operating system (Mac or Windows), know how to use their keyboard and mouse, and how to drag a program from one window to the other on a dual monitor system. They should understand how to open programs, open, save and close files, and how to locate files on their computers. This is an introductory class, so no prior knowledge of Adobe Captivate is required.

Class Topics

  • Explore the Captivate Classic Interface
  • Review the eLearning development process including the value of instructional design and creating storyboards
  • Create a soft skills project from scratch
  • Apply Themes
  • Add slides
  • Modify Slide Master Layouts and Object Styles
  • Add media such as text, images, and interactive buttons
  • Record, Import, and Edit Audio
  • Add simple actions to objects such as buttons
  • Preview and Publish Projects

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